The heat has caught on

but for now

we found a roof

that casts a long shadow.

The day beats on

pulsing out from

concrete and tar

without us.


of roof and skin

expand and



of sweat

that tries to save us.

A lizard slips inside


It's fat with the mosquitoes

who sit on our sweat

to draw undried blood.

We are blood brothers now-

together we wait,

as our eyes

follow each other


Time had stopped

so many times for us

we had to look away.

It knows,

we do not wait for it,

we wait for shade.

But the shadow would not


even as we moved at its every whim-

it is in too much of a hurry

to follow the sun.

So sweat mingles

with sweat mingles

with sweat,

As the umbra shrinks

us to a corner.

Now the shadow

turns its back on us,

our brother has

abandoned us.

Time stops,

clicking it's tongue.

We search again

shading our eyes from

the sun

that has months

before it sets.

The Persistence of Memory
by Salvador Dali