I remember

I still look back

in my memories

to tell you

that I loved you.


entwine themselves

on pasts that

will never come back.

A stump of a gulmohar

bursts with hues of

of green and orange

as a creeper

hides its dark

dried bark.

I’ve learnt to




she lays the dead


in the earth,


she lets the dead

come back to life

from the dirt

in which they decayed.

When you told me

that I could be

whatever I wanted

I told Time

that she would not

take you from me

and she understood.

The bees hum


over the dead stump,

over new flowers

that bloom

in the red sun.

I no longer see the stump

only moss and vines

flowering prolifically.

When I saw you

for the last time

I knew

it would

be the last time

that you left.

You became a part of me

that will live on

even if I forget.